Recreating Atlanta of the 1920’s !

Last month has been exciting for me as I was exploring and learning new things like working on Photoshop and I also ended up making my first video tutorial.

Glass Plate Negative Geotagging – Photo Stitching Project:

Below is an image of the map with all the geotagged images of Atlanta in 1928. I was assigned to stitch all photos  along the northwest side of Pryor St SE between Alabama St SW and Hunter Street NW (now know as MLK Dr).


Initially, I tried a few softwares to photo stitch the images which didn’t work as expected because of the low quality of the images. Then, I switched to Adobe Photoshop and manually merged the photos. The results were better. This is how the final photo stitched image looks like:


I made a tutorial on how to photo stitch images manually using Adobe Photoshop. Please find below the link to my tutorial: